One of the most popular themes is the sea theme, which is great for the living room. For this style you can even use decorative columns that will not be contrary to the basic concept of style.

Generally Provence implies the presence of warm colors. It can be sand color, beige or the color of the sun. Generally Provence is very often used as a marine theme or summer theme. This option will warm with its warmth, even in winter, when more often than not lack such color.

Ideal for the Provence will serve as the decoration of the walls with Wallpaper or wood. Generally, in this style the tree is considered to be one of the key materials, as flooring is best to choose made of wood. As for the ceiling, it is best to use plain whitewash, as Provence is still kind of rustic, so the elements in normal style are important for the persistence of the chosen concept.

Provence is well suited for finishing dishes. Best used as floor and wall coverings of stone or brick. This solution will look quite simple, but harmoniously in the first place. As for the bedrooms, ideally such a premise implies a wide and large Windows, which should start from the ceiling and end in the area of the floor. Of course, in connection with the ecological situation in large cities the window, you can use plastic, as there is no guarantee that the wooden Windows will last as long.

Also a major role in the style of Provence is the choice of textile. For window frames it is best to use two-color curtains of different textures. Dark curtains should be made of dark thick fabric, for example, can be based on heavy linen. As the second curtain can be used lightweight tulle beige tones.