Rustic or rural style also called country style. He and Rodney areas such as Provence, Scandinavian style chalets and ethnic. Similar in spirit to the environmental style from the use there of natural materials.

To create a rustic even in a city apartment is easy and quite capable by the household. A cottage or private house you can freely give vent to your imagination and create an original rustic interior.

The main features of the rustic style

The main village – style simplicity and practicality, some naive, but not without grace and zest. There's no room for clumsy work. Wooden furniture (possibly, painted) – chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves, chairs and stools with carved legs, or wicker furniture from willow or rattan. Textiles with simple floral or checkered colors, handmade woven carpets, simple but decorative utensils. The basis of all natural materials. Plastic hi-tech is the urban world and the rural style is wood, metal, ceramics, cotton and flax. And colors close to natural. There is no place for bright, exciting colors. The favorite shades of the rustic style are muted green, blue, sand, white, cornflower blue.

Rustic style involves plank floors, wood-beamed ceilings, whitewashed walls, lining paper or Wallpaper. If the preference will be given to Wallpaper you should choose with a small floral or geometric pattern.

As for lighting, it is best to look for chandeliers, sconces and table lamps antique – like vintage pendant lamps with candles and candelabra or oil lamps reminiscent of the turn of XIX-XX century.
If this doesn't suit you, is to make a modest and unobtrusive spot lighting or hang a plain white ceiling frosted glass very simple forms.

Windows in a rustic style, of course, the laws of the genre should be with wooden frames. But the modern plastic Windows are more hermetic, holds heat better and has a good insulating effect. Therefore, we can make an exception and do not alter, altering new to old.

Living room in rustic style

Living room – the main and front room in the house, so the decoration should make it more luxurious and elegant and to appeal to the style of "Provence", a Chalet or Nordic – related to rural design. Graceful, slightly shabby antique furniture with twist carved legs, bentwood chairs (now a real rarity), shared bright color, korotkobazny carpet made of natural wool with fine ornaments. Cotton or linen curtains and a touch of tulle, an abundance of flowers. Great if the living room is a real fireplace. But this is only possible in a private house, and in the apartment it is possible to replace niche with candles, stylized fireplace. Upholstered furniture may be common upholstered in light natural shades. But the sofa and chairs can be covered with knitted blankets or bedspreads in the technique patchwork and quilling. The abundance of small pillows in colorful pillowcases will complement the overall impression along with delicate tissues.
Carpet if you wish, you can replace the self-sewed rug.

The rustic kitchen

The kitchen is the most fertile place to create an interior in a rustic style. Wooden painted floor or, even better, ceramic tile terracotta color or black and white in a checkerboard pattern (which will evoke Dutch motifs). Whitewashed ceiling with a metal lamp in the shape of a flower. All lighting options can be multiple - braided wicker lampshade, lampshade, covered in cotton fabric in checkered, polka dots or flower ruffle. Everything your heart desires, just to create a cozy and lovely rural interior. Wall on 1/3 of the height you can sheathe wood paneling, paint or put Wallpaper under the cheerful chintz.

On the floor is to lay a woven rug. This will give the interior more comfort. Of course, complement the picture of linen curtains and delicate tulle. For the convenience and originality to hang in the middle of the second ledge of the window and make curtains in two tiers. The curtains do not have to order in a specialty store, they can easily sew with their hands.

Furniture for kitchen in country style is simple – not necessarily to buy kitchen furniture from natural wood. You can just find an old but sturdy table on twisted legs (can be purchased at a flea market) to look for antique sideboard in the villages of grandmothers, to restore old chairs, artificially aged them, or wearing them on the covers of the same fabric as the curtains. But the main part is wide and shallow wall shelves, painted under the overall flavor of the food. You can arrange household items and beautiful to set the table.

If rustic you make a country house – that modifications will be minimal. After all, you're already in the village. And interesting ideas and useful tips can be obtained on the website of the program "Housing problem" Most importantly – let there be more greenery and fragrant flowers, sun and fresh air – and your house in the village can become a real little Paradise.