You will need
  • materials for decoupage
  • - items for decor
To decorate the kitchen interior in Provence style, several plates, executed in the technique of decoupage. They will be the perfect decor for the kitchen to those who are attracted to this style. Degrease a flat plate with an alcoholic solution covered with white primer, allowed to dry, apply two coats of varnish. For work in decoupage technique I use ordinary acrylic spray silky Matt lacquer, which I buy at the hardware store. It is very convenient to operate.
Remove the top layer of the napkin for decoupage. Dilute PVA glue with water in a ratio of 1:1, pour a little on a plate and gently presses the cloth from the center to the edges. Working on decoupage plates, if necessary, add glue with water and try to smooth out all wrinkles. Then remove excess water and pressed the cloth to the plate. Wait, when the cloth is dry, covered with varnish twice. You can make several dishes in decoupage technique in the Provence style with different images that can decorate the kitchen interior in Provence style.
To decorate the kitchen interior in Provence style with their hands can be a key holder to store keys. Work on the housekeeper will use a napkin with a loved symbol of Provence - rooster. Prepare for decoupage in the style of Provence the surface of key rings. The wooden surface is treated in the same way as the surface of the plate. With a smooth surface decoupage is much easier to work with. The napkin can be imposed by using the file or in the usual way.
Then podkashivaet work with acrylic paints, apply the varnish and wait for it to dry. Adhesive mounting or plug-in cord. The housekeeper is in the technique of decoupage in the style of Provence is ready. This is not just a decoration, but also need an element of decor to store keys.
The decor kitchen interior in the style of Provence typical landscapes of lavender, herbs and olive branches. Cracks, fading, burnt-out places are welcome. The effect of the old things you can create by artificial means with the help of modern tools. One-step krakelyurnogo varnish easy to use-and allows to achieve effect of time on objects.