When Spud sprouts after planting in the ground

Some varieties of cabbage planted in the spring and some in the middle or late summer. Depending on when the plants are planted and hilling. However, in either case, the first hoeing is carried out after a week and a half after planting, if the seedlings are pulled, sooner. The second earthing up is carried out after three to four weeks after the first.

In most cases, the first hilling is carried out to maintain the delicate feet of the plants, avoiding their distortion, the second is to strengthen the root system of seedlings, to prevent deflection of the head under the pressure of a strong wind under their General mass. Moreover, the second hilling helps to fight with excessive soil moisture.

As for the bedding, it is held as follows: select a dry and windless weather, the ground within a radius of 15-20 cm from the cabbage it is rowed up to the plant and covered her whole feet up to the first leaves. The procedure is performed very carefully to avoid damage to roots of seedlings. The cabbage is better moved ridging, possible for a couple of days before carrying out works to bring the soil special products - fertilizers.

When Spud cauliflower and broccoli

Agricultural cultivation of these types of cabbage has some differences. For example, for the whole growth period of cauliflower it is required to Spud a total of three times. First time - seven days after planting (and before that, it is advisable to undertake soil mulching with dry grass or straw to the soil remained loose and moist, and seedlings are a little stronger), the second - a month after the previous hilling when the first inflorescence, and the third in the period set mass.

Broccoli is the first time it is necessary to Spud the next day after transplanting in the open ground (this procedure is to a greater extent should be similar to loosening), the next five days, and to a depth of not less than five inches. Further ridging of these plants is required to repeat every week, choosing the dry weather. It is very important not to overdo it with these procedures, each hilling to rake up the ground no higher than it was in the previous hilling.