Starting prepare pregnant should take place with registration in antenatal clinic. The doctor asks the woman about her disease, finds out the attitude to pregnancy, childbirth and the unborn baby. Learns about fears and worries, trying to find the causes of these conditions. Gives recommendations on the management of pregnant diary, called the diary "gestation".

Thematic classes are held from 32-33 weeks of pregnancy. On cycle pregnant tell, the anatomy of the female reproductive system. The story pay much attention to the elasticity and extensibility of tissues, which beneficially affects the course of childbirth. Pregnant women are initiated into the intricacies of the mechanisms of labour and cervical dilatation.

Also, the women learn about the possible techniques of pain management used by women themselves in the quality of obstetric care. The most common technique is the generic of breath. Produce study film, where describe in detail the principles of proper breathing. Equally rare is golosaria. Unique is the connection of breathing and voice exercises.

Physical exercise in the cycle training aimed at demonstrating to women the right posture and the correct execution attempts, to maintain your body in good shape during the whole pregnancy, prevention of postpartum hernia of anterior abdominal wall.
And, of course, a huge role in preparing pregnant play classes, teaching breast feeding, baby care, course of the postpartum period and the principles of safe contraception.

The cycle of preparation for childbirth plays a huge role in the fate of women, as is the prevention of postnatal complications, depression, strengthens the marital relationship, which is important for the harmonious flow of early child development and full recovery of women after childbirth.