Of course, medicine continues to look for ways of treating asthma, but, unfortunately, it turns out it is not as productive as I wanted. Therefore, in case of untimely treatment occur deaths.

What causes bronchial asthma? The emergence of disease is influenced by many factors. The origin of the disorder always occurs after the inflammation of the bronchi and depends on their sensitivity. When inflammation of the sensitive bronchial tubes may occur spasm of the bronchi, resulting in edema will occur and bronchial wall undergo changes.

You should also know that asthma is a hereditary disease. If the child's parents are prone to allergic reactions, unfortunately, the child may be born with sensitive bronchi. Considering the fact that allergens around is a lot inflammation of the bronchi can develop into asthma. Risk factor of developing asthma and may be Smoking, both active and passive.

Unfortunately, to get asthma can and after, apparently, absolutely banal respiratory infection. Especially if you carry the disease on their feet, not to support the regime of proper nutrition and often succumb to stress.

It is worth noting that thanks to modern medicine, it is possible to determine predisposition to developing this disease. This will help more zealously observe their own health and avoid risk factors.

Thus it is necessary to know what bronchial asthma is not a sentence, taking seriously her appearance. Of course, it is necessary to pass all courses of treatment, as well as to strictly comply with all regulations and recommendations of the doctor. But yet, too sharp a change from the life of a healthy person, will not.

If to neglect timely treatment, but also irresponsible in regard to what is recommended by the physician, to normalize the condition would be incredibly difficult.