If you occasionally do not have enough air or you are experiencing heaviness in breathing, it is reason to see a doctor - it can manifest asthma. Suffocation comes afterwards, when the tissue of the bronchi changes its structure and swells. But the same symptoms may be heart failure, so it is not necessary to do premature conclusions about the presence of asthma, and especially to appoint yourself the treatment.
A cough that appears mainly in the morning and night, is also a harbinger of asthma. It often prevents sleep, as there are strong spasms in the bronchi. Sometimes the cough resembles the barking, it appears due to the fact that the light is sharply reduced.
Squeaky or wheezing in the chest can also indicate asthma. They heard the patient in the inhale or the exhale. Of course, if you are sick colds, wheezing does not mean asthma and occur as a result of respiratory bacteria that cause similar swelling of the bronchi.
Congestion of the chest, when feeling close to the feeling of compression, it can also happen in people with asthma. In the period of attack is observed rapid or infrequent breathing, one feels the lack of oxygen and begins to breathe through the mouth, but the relief is not always the case.
If you have observed yourself above symptoms, contact the hospital. You will undergo tests that will measure lung capacity and will conduct a CT scan. Sometimes doing chest x-rays, but she is not able to give accurate result. If you live in the village, in which there is no pulmonologist, ask a direction to the regional center, since only the specialist can prescribe treatment.
After the examination you will be prescribed aerosol medications that will relieve spasms and ease breathing. To cure asthma it is impossible, but it is possible to maintain the condition and not to allow the disease to develop, just in time to go to the hospital.