For definitive diagnosis without consulting a doctor you can not do. There are many types of cough and even more causes it. Tell the reception about all the troubles you symptoms. It will be nice if you will record your complaint on a separate sheet, in this case, you can be sure that you don't forget something to mention. It is very important to tell not only about the cough, but also about how and under what conditions it happens.
On the basis of symptoms after exclusion of diseases such as bronchitis, pertussis or cystic fibrosis, a specialist will be able to supply you with the correct diagnosis. It is likely that for this he will need additional tests and procedures – analysis of blood or bronchial mucus, to test the functionality of the lungs and even x-rays. Treat this not always pleasant the manipulation of the understanding, because the accuracy of diagnosis determines the course and success of future treatment.
But you can yourself suspect in his asthma. The disease manifests itself by swelling of the bronchial ways, greatly complicating the breathing. Inhale as deeply as possible air into the lungs. If when you exhale you experience some difficulties, and the exhalation is accompanied by whistling and rattling, it may be an important signal that cannot be ignored.
You may have attacks of acute shortage of air. Most often they occur at night or early morning, after exercise or after contact with any allergen. Because asthma is allergic, nothing strange about that.
In addition to the lack of air or as a result of her asthma, you may also suffer from bouts of severe coughing. Asthma attacks usually last from a minute to several hours. Sometimes serious condition can take up to several days, in this case, the physicians prefer to talk about status asthmaticus.
To treat asthma you are unlikely to succeed. However, starting treatment, you will be able to make their lives easier, to reduce the number of attacks to a minimum, and maybe even get rid of them. This is possible if asthma is allergic in nature, you just have to avoid contact with the allergen. And no need to self-medicate, write down all your complaints, tell your doctor about them, and he will be able to establish the correct diagnosis.