And yet to create comfort and harmony even on a small plot of land. Main thing is to follow the right plan.


This is the first step towards your dream. For starters, think and decide what do you want to see on your site. Here opinions may differ. As for women, it is important to have your own vegetable garden. Men dream about barbecue, and children's you just can't miss and leave no place for outdoor games.

Reaching a compromise, you can begin drafting. Draw on paper a plan of your plot and place all the required zones. Remember, the smaller the land area, the more accurate should be allocated to all the details.

No restrictions

This applies to the fence. Small and without that land should not be fenced solid walls of the fence. It is better to use lighter options, for example:

  • Mesh netting.
  • Wooden mini fence (the European version).
  • Forging and so on.

Colors of the fence should be designed in bright colours. This will visually increase the area.

Garden for yourself

With small areas it is simply impossible to gather a decent crop. This is certainly true. But why? For most of our contemporaries a house in the country is not a source of food security. After all, we ride on a favorite country, just to get away from the hustle and bustle. A garden can be created in the format of a mini, so to speak, for themselves. Caring for a miniature garden beds will become a real hobby, and two tiered design for growing seedlings will perfectly fit the concept of your small area.

Tracks to nowhere

In the garden with limited space it is better to resort to this method, as the curvature of space. Winding paths will visually give the impression of space around you, because you walk on them longer than directly. Particularly interesting will look the curves of the track, winding between bushes and on the fence, entwined with vines. Sozdaetsya the illusion of the infinite way.


Without a place for relaxation is not enough. For this fit the idea of outdoor dining in the fresh air, where in addition to tables and chairs can be placed outside grill or a small grill. Well, next equip a small Playground with a sandbox, and inflatable pool or slide.

Here such simple ways you can Refine and visually expand your land, make it a real magical place, where will want to return again and again.