Advice 1: How to learn landscape design

Landscape design is fashionable and profitable direction. Today many strive to create in the country area of the garden of Eden, where you could relax alone with the nature. Demand creates supply. However, to find a place where people could learn about landscape design, not so simple.
How to learn landscape design
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • courses.
For residents of large cities have a great option is to enroll. Experienced teachers will help you to understand what the landscape design, recommend literature, the most gifted students will help with employment. Currently, there are a variety of courses lasting from several months to several years. Students take examinations and receive certificates. And if courses lasting a couple of months, are considered to be Amateur, then after two years you can safely go to get a job in a company engaged in landscape design.
If you do not wish to participate in the group, to pass examinations and compete with a dozen people, you can learn individually. For example, some authors of books on landscape design give individual lessons in this area. You will be able to make a schedule that is convenient for both of you, and all his attention will be dedicated to you.
In small towns it is difficult to find courses on this activity, so the science of landscape design you have to master yourself. On the Internet you can download lots of books and tutorials dedicated to different styles of decorating gardens. Sign up on the special forum, frequented by Amateurs and professionals in the field of landscape design – they will gladly tell you the required books for which they were trained.
In most cities there are companies engaged in landscape design. If you aspire to master this science, try to get a job in one of them. In small towns it's easy to do, because the institutions providing vocational education, is not there. A big plus with this is, if you've got a talent in drawing, you may go to children's art school, or even graduated from College. The knowledge that you will receive in practice, are much more important and useful courses and read books.

Advice 2: Spruce cottage: countryside vs superstition

To plant or not to plant a tree in a suburban area - that is the question. Superstitious people do not recommend, but landscape designers vying suggest not to be afraid of any will, after all, conifers are able to add to plot color.
Spruce cottage: countryside vs superstition

Why not plant spruce?

Fir is a female tree and, according to superstition, she is able to "survive" from the house of men. Our ancestors did not plant spruce near the house for fear that nothing will be born. However, by this logic, and birch, too, should not be planted, because it is a female tree. But no superstition about this no. Meanwhile, the same ancestors laid the spruce branches under the corners of the dwelling in its construction to protect the house from lightning during a thunderstorm.

Other superstition, it was under the tree hides the devil during a thunderstorm. Therefore, this tree is considered the dwelling place of the devil and expelled brownie. However, in Orthodoxy spruce is quite a respected tree because it saved Christ from the plague, for which he was honored to be evergreen.

Spruce and Feng Shui

According to the Oriental teachings, are the most useful flowering and fruit-bearing shrubs and trees. They attract the energy of life in the form of bees and birds, eventually becoming a powerful source of joy and spiritual growth. We ate at Feng Shui is able to pull the good energy to yourself. The worst option - a single fir tree in front of the house. In this case, the tree will be cut all the surrounding space of bad energy. If you cannot imagine your area without evergreen trees, stop the choice on the pine, not spruce. Feng Shui to a pine tree more supportive.

Opinion landscape designers

Skeptical designers believe that eating at their summer cottage, there is only one danger - the tree may collapse from strong winds because it has a shallow root system. However, this problem can be minimized by planting dwarf varieties of conifers. Spruce will intonate useful volatile throughout the site and its background colors will look even brighter - these are not all the arguments in favor of registration of fir in the country. To plant a tree on your land or not to plant - now the decision is yours!

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