This model will be appropriate in all cases, it has a tight narrow form and emphasizes femininity. For the first time this skirt appeared in the fashion collections of Christian Dior and was made of woollen materials. Now pencil skirt presented in different materials, have different length and height. The length of such skirts must be to mid-knee.

To visually enlarge the feet wear shoes with high heels. For women with curvaceous perfect longer length pencil skirt. It can be combined with blouses made of chiffon. To visually reduce the waist choose a style with a drop waist. With narrow hips it is better to choose models with a high waist. Such a model is necessary to choose a tight top and cropped jackets, and complement the outfit can be a slim leather strap.

For office image should choose a skirt in a dark colour. The top in this outfit can be plain or with a small ornament. Also skirt in black colour looks great in contrast to the variant with a white top. Suits perfectly with blouses, sweaters of various styles. Also a pencil skirt is better to choose cotton or silk material, since a fabric will be more convenient and comfortable.

From a Shoe to such a skirt is better to choose a model on the heel. To complement your look in a variety of shawls and scarves of lightweight fabric and a variety of straps. Of accessories with a pencil skirt perfectly elegant bags or clutches. When choosing accessories, you need to consider the colors of your image, they must be combined and harmonized. Jewelry should not be large. Better to give preference to classic chains, ties, pearl threads. To create a festive look pencil skirt is made from such materials as velvet, satin, lace fabric.

Pencil skirt is the main helper for creating a feminine look!