Required products:

- fish fillet fatty varieties, Smoking hot, about 300 grams;

- young beets with tops - 2 pieces;

- boiled eggs (chicken) - 3 pieces;

- small cucumbers - 3 pieces;

- apples (preferably green ones) - 2 pieces;

- bread from the rye flour, stale - 1 piece;

- green onion - 30-40 grams;

- dill - 15-20 grams.


1. The beets, cut off leaves and set aside. Tubers beets thoroughly wash, preferably with a brush, put in a saucepan with two liters of cold water, send the fire, cook until soft (about forty minutes). The beets are ready, remove from the pan (do not pour the broth), cool, peel off skins, shred thin strips. A few beetroot leaves, wash, chop finely.

2. Beet broth drain, then put the chopped beets and the leaves, add a piece of rye bread. Cover and place on the day in a cool place. Then remove the bread, and broth with salt and pepper.

3. Fish fillet simmered in salted water (two minutes), after to cool, disassemble into small pieces. Eggs, peel, crumble with a fork. Greens (dill, onion) chop. Cucumbers and apples clean, cut into thin, but not long strips.

4. Serve beetroot. On plates arrange the prepared ingredients: fish, eggs, cucumbers, apples, greens. Then add in plates present in beet broth with beets. Add the beetroot spoon of thick cream.