If you think about it, fear is reality itself has no reason. Fear is a small child who lives in every adult, who at times wakes up and begins to intervene in a peaceful adult life. Some believe that the fear we need to fight solely, interrupting it with willpower. But just get rid of it.

Externally, we are trying to pretend that using the logic you've convinced yourself that there is no fear, but a frightened child hiding inside the consciousness, cannot accept these arguments of the mind. Few people know about this, but the baby is only two types of fear, the rest are just variations of the first two, is: fear of not being loved and fear-based survival. If you think about it, we can agree that most fears are totally different people really revolve around these basic types of fear.

Unfortunately, we are taught from childhood to overcome fear only by overpersuasion and suppression, and only need to learn ease in handling fear. Of course, everyone wants to look strong and any man will go to any lengths just to create the image of a man, nothing horrifying. We become ashamed of what and what we fear, and we begin to torment yourself over this.

If you learn to naturally accept the presence of fear or phobias, instead consider the power, only as the absence of fear, our grown-up I will cease to be reincarnated as ispoganili a small child. Instead of appreciating its sensitivity, due to prejudice against phobias, we hide it. The way to overcome fear is through self-knowledge. Realize their potential and drop the harsh criticism of himself.