If you have planned a romantic date and want to look feminine and irresistible, then you should stay on the choice of cocktail dresses. When choosing dresses based on the type of your figure, if you want to cleverly hide their shortcomings and to emphasize only advantages. If you need to conceal the extra folds in the area of the sides and belly, try to wear a dress which is Empire waist line.

Choosing a dress, it is important to always follow the rule of the Golden mean. Do not choose too open or transparent dress. But dress also should not choose. Otherwise, your partner will feel that you are too inaccessible lady. As a variant for a romantic date suit and skirt with a properly chosen top. As for skirts, try to wear a skirt that will not cramp your movements and inconvenience to you.

An important role in choosing clothes for a date plays a place where it should be held. If you plan to spend it in a cafe or restaurant, and clothing should be appropriate. Perfect mini dress or blouse with trousers. Try not to expose too neckline if open legs.

For going to the movies do not have to dress too formal. Suitable, for example, a pair of jeans and a nice top. A date in the nightclub or the disco, then give preference to bright and shiny things, for example, a sequin dress and bright shoes is intended for you. Learn to choose the right images for meetings and always be herself, regardless of what you wear, and the prevailing situation.