White light dress

This option will suit girls who want to create a light, innocent way. The dress can be all sorts of shades, from cool white to cream. There are many options of accessories that fits in well with that dress. You can experiment with belts of different colors. Also will be a beautiful addition to the pearl jewelry.

Little black dress

Such a thing must surely be every girl. A black dress will hide all figure flaws, and the image will be elegant. With such a dress it is important not to darken itself, so the makeup should be light and easy, and accessories to choose from silver or white gold.


Combined with a beautiful blouse and high heels jeans give a striking effect. They emphasize the independence of girls and awaken interest in the man.

Cocktail dress

This option would be extremely relevant, if the meeting will take place at some party, or a place where you can dance. The thing to remember is that the dress should not be too short, otherwise you can not show yourself from the best side.

Flying long dress

This dress will make a stunning effect, besides it does not require additional accessories. Will be easy enough handbags and beautiful pairs of shoes on a thin high heel.

Preparing for the first date, you need to remember that the makeup should be light and unobtrusive. Also, do not choose things with a deep neckline, it is a sign of bad taste.