One common error is the inability to mix styles. All the fashion genius of today are guided by the principle to combine incongruous, but if you're not famous designer, but a mere mortal, it is better not to risk it. Much better and more advantageous it will look the image in the same style with matching accessories, than something strange and overly flashy. Still not worth it to approach the seriously fashion: the details are everything. No need to overemphasize restraint lines, shapes, textures, because the outfit is also a way to Express yourself. To afford a little more, not bad, quite the contrary.

Fashion is no place for stereotypes. It is not necessary all the time to walk around in uncomfortable shoes just because the heels, as they say, like men. Dressing fashionably is important not because meet on clothes, and not in order to impress, although that is important. Actually you need to dress stylishly for themselves, that is the way you want. The idea is that if a person comes to the mirror, and the image on it he likes, then so do you.

Tasteless is the wrong selection of tights. Fashion experts generally say that wearing bodily pantyhose is unacceptable, however, to abandon them is simply not possible, especially in the office. Even so, if you need to pick up the appropriate shade that follows the skin tone, not to get the effect of a tanned leg.

If for obvious reasons in the wardrobe may not be the handbags from Chanel, then let it be. No need to buy a Chinese fake is not the best quality. Even if the fake is good, very strange will this bag look a set of cheap fabrics. If the image is included in either a status thing, for example, mink coat, everything else must conform. At least it is an expensive hat, leather gloves, shoes, which looks decent, and a suitable bag. Giving preference to the cheap hat, a person does not show coat, it shows everything that did not have enough money.