Too bright makeup. Makeup important not to overdo it. A better day to do make-up shades, and dark colors suitable for the evening. The emphasis should be only one, eye or just on the lips.

Sequins, beads and beads. They should not be too much, and it is important that they are not particularly attracted attention.

Overly revealing clothes. Of course, it's great when a woman looks sexy, but some items of clothing can make the image too vulgar and indecent. Too deep neckline and short skirt will look too openly. Girl dressed in a similar way, loses all its mystique. It is not to be taken lightly. Catch the admiring glances of men is possible without outright outfits.

Wrong jeans. Slim waist Dana, alas, not all. Jeans with low waist are not always a good option, especially if the figure is far from ideal. Waist falls out of jeans that looks ugly and they visually make the legs shorter.

Clothes not on age. Some women to 30 years of age and older can dress up absolutely not by age. But keep in mind that the figure changes with age. The correct way will add charm to women of all ages.

Incorrectly matched on the figure clothes. It so happens that women do not know how to choose the suitable size things. It is important that any selected clothing sitting on the figure, and is not too tight or wide. Buy clothes needed, focusing clearly on your size.

Material. Clothing made of natural fabrics will look beautiful, and most importantly, it will be comfortable. In modern stores you can buy quality clothing at an affordable price.

Accessories. Thanks to accessories any attire will sparkle anew, make the look more feminine and original. But it is important to observe a measure and to pick up decorations in the tone of the selected ensemble. A large number of accessories will look on the girl ridiculous. Tights are also a controversial garment. Do not wear bright tights with a summer dress or short trousers.

Tan. Use the bronzer better measure to look as natural as possible.