Strange, but fairly common in China fashion blew up the Internet. Now all Chinese women during the beach season will surprise men not only with their bright bathing suits and "bikini face". Surprisingly, this trend has attracted other countries, including Japan.


Japan is not far behind from the present society and happy people all sorts of novelties. Mamba or "war paint" (as they called this trend famous among Teens way of expression. Makeup is complemented by the same kind of clothes. The radical version of the style ganguro provides for the bleaching of hair, so the appearance of such a lady may well frighten people with weak hearts.

The bagel forehead

The Japanese never cease to amaze the whole world. Now every other Japanese can boast a very unusual beauty treatment which involves the addition of an implant into the frontal lobe of the person. Forehead turns out this is a bulge in the form of a donut. Oddly enough, this trend has conquered not only Eastern, but also European members of the fairer sex.

Boots of elves

Cowboy boots are so last century! In the world broke into new fashion – boots elves. This is an example of old boots for cowboys only with long socks. The shoes are very uncomfortable, but it does not prevent her to be popular.

Eye piercing

False eyelashes, eyeliner, pencils for the eyes is no surprise. Fashion got to the most important – the eyes. The doctors are furious, you see, colored lenses is not something for a fashionable person. Teens Holland doing a piercing for the eyes, sticking in eyeball hearts or dots with gems. Parents clutching his head, and doctors do not know how to calm them. After all, experts say that the procedure is absolutely safe to view, but experienced doctors deny it.

As you can see, fashion does not stand still and every day the number of new trends rising. Before doing surgery, even minor, in order to remain in trend you should consider, but how long it will last on the niche popularity of one or another fashionable way of attracting attention.