A sense of humor. This quality individually, because everyone has a sense of humor of their own. Therefore, the use of different comic expressions in the summary is spam.
Unnecessary experience. Do not clutter your resume with experience casual earnings not in the area where you want to work. For example, experience as a waiter does not apply to the post of accountant.
Inappropriate rewards. It is not necessary to specify in the summary inappropriate rewards for obtaining the selected position. For example, victory in city competition of beauty are unlikely to play an important role in the job computer operators.
Photos. If a potential employer not specified mandatory condition for the application of photography to the summary, and it is not necessary to include. Unnecessary a photo can trigger an unconscious negative reaction from a potential employer who just might not like red hair or tie in the photo. The only exception to this rule often make jobs creative professions.
Personal information. Any information regarding your personal opinion, religious view, sexual orientation or political preferences, should remain beyond the summary and it not be. Also it is not necessary to disclose in the summary of my social security number or Bank information.
Extravagant verbiage. Don't try to impress your potential employer your vocabulary in the summary. Do not use large and obscure words, because clarity in written communication is key.
Exotic design. Artsy fonts, flavored or colored paper to emphasize the lack of seriousness of approach to obtaining vacant seats and not focusing on the main skills and characteristics of a potential employee, and visual materials.