In General, jealousy can be for two reasons. First, is the fear of losing the one you love. And, secondly, an excessive sense of ownership, when one person considers himself so important that his partner is his property, without the right to have an opinion or desire.

Like any other psychological problem, jealousy is a feeling that comes to us from childhood. This pattern of behavior learned by a child in the process of education. If the family has several children, there is no doubt that they will compete with each other, and as a consequence, to show a sense of jealousy. If the parents give these kids enough love and attention, they will easily outgrow this condition. Another situation where parents show hyperopic will violate the personal space of the child, interfering with his personal life. Then the child carries a model of behavior in your family, and also violates the personal space of his wife, depriving him of his liberty.

Do not think that jealousy is a manifestation of love. Love is, above all, respect for the interests of the partner, not the eternal suspicion, mistrust and outrageous jealousy. Some people believe that from time to time it is useful to give cause for jealousy. Do they think they will be able to attract the attention of a partner. But it is fundamentally wrong, because in this way you will undermine trust and the relationship will become a burden, your partner will constantly try to catch you in a lie, to search for all fraud. Some people just can't deal with his feelings of jealousy. If you think I'm jealous of everything, try to act the opposite way: surround a partner's care so that he will start looking for a way to relax from you. Sometimes that jealousy is a defensive reaction, when the jealous man himself changes, even mentally. So he tries to justify his actions and thoughts.

The secret of family happiness — respect for personal space, combined with the joint activities.