Plays a big role example of parents. If the parents in anger, throw things, scream obscenities and beat the dishes, it's silly to punish a child for the same behavior. He just wants to be like mom or dad, because in the eyes of a small child the parents are perfect and the epitome of the whole world. Even when you are angry, show the child the "correct" behavior. Say something like: "I'm very angry, because you broke my vase". You have a right to be angry, and on the child including. The question is, how do you show your anger.

It is not necessary to give the baby back and to punish him physically. If you can hit, why not hit mom or younger sister? And how could it be safe a world where even the relatives of the people hurt?

Teach your child different ways of expressing anger. Play with him in "angry bear" that stomps and growls when displeased with something. Try with sculpt or draw my anger. Offer to beat a pillow, or to tear the paper when the kid is really angry. And yet, if the child is angry with you, arrange a pillow fight or play together in a paper "snowballs". It is very helpful to him and to you to relieve tension and to return to your relationship joy.

And finally, ask yourself: did the child matter? The children feel the parents and the family environment. Without realizing it, they Express the tension and the nervousness that carry adults. If you understand that this is your situation, try to restore the balance in the family, take care of myself, to calm down, to relax, to indulge in anything. Remember that happy and relaxed children have a happy and relaxed parents.