To start is to understand that all the same is depressed. Depression is one of the most common psychological illnesses today. The modern pace of life does not allow a person to relax. Work, chores, traffic congestion and even the opinions of others makes his life a ball of stress.

According to recent studies, by 2020 depression will become a leader, surpassing cardiovascular and infectious diseases. Seventy percent of pharmaceutical drugs have the antidepressants. Once the population of the United States called a nation of "Prozac" for its intense pace of life. Now this term may be applicable to the majority of people living in greater Europe, Asia and the USA. The scourge of the XXI century, progressing with great speed, and inevitably leads to the stagnation of the economy and a huge growing number of suicides.

Recognizing this disappointing fact, you can already depressed from such a negative existence. But all is not as hopeless as it may seem. Even in this state can find its advantages. There are two types of depression: healthy, which helps the suffering to look at the world from a different angle, and protracted, occur for reasons associated with the loss of loved ones, lack of rest and endless overtime, and disease, leading to death. We will focus on the first form, as articles about its devastating impact is much greater.

First person in depression needs to understand that suffering is part of nature. For example, the separation occurred two once loving people. One side is more sensitive and suffers much stronger than the other. There is a gap created image. Being in love with suffering did not notice negative traits second. But suddenly, the man "collapsed" reality and denial of the fact that it ended, inevitably leads to mental and physical stagnation.