Advice 1: How to improve the output of phlegm when you cough

Cough starts after colds and viral diseases. First, the patient is tormented by a dry cough, then it goes in the wet, but sputum is difficult to separate. To hasten her exit, you should obtain the advice of a doctor in the home to take additional measures to facilitate easy expectoration of sputum.
How to improve the output of phlegm when you cough
You will need
  • - expectorant drugs;
  • inhaler or nebulizer;
  • - expectorant herb;
  • - mustard;
  • - banks;
  • - black radish;
  • - med.
To speed up the expectoration, the doctor will prescribe expectorants drugs: "Travis", "ACC", "Ambrobene", "Mucosolvan", "Bromhexine" or other. When you apply these drugs should drink plenty of fluids, this will contribute to liquefaction of sputum and its removal from the bronchi.
Additionally you can use breast collection, which you can buy in a pharmacy, a decoction of St. John's wort, rosemary, Althea, mother-and-stepmother, licorice syrup. All herbal medicines have anti-inflammatory and expectorant action, which allows to quickly bring the phlegm.
In addition to drugs may prescribe physiotherapy. With a wet cough, you can do a hot compress, for example, are ideal for mustard, banks, the grated black radish. The radish can be done not only compresses but also make its juice, mixed with equal parts of honey or sugar.
The room must maintain a high level of humidity. For this you need to install a humidifier or place the battery under the tank with clean water, in the water you can add sea salt. Steaming to create the effect of the salt chamber in which the treating broncho-pulmonary diseases.
Additionally, you can spend inhalation using a nebulizer or mechanical inhaler. Inhalations do with the "Ambrobene", saline or "Ventolina" 4-5 times a day up until completely out phlegm.
If the sputum does not depart for a long time, the temperature rose, there was whistling, and the flu and shortness of breath, the doctor will prescribe the examination and prescribe drugs that enhance the bronchi in the form of aerosols, tablets or injections. Wheezing, gurgling in the bronchi indicates the development of obstructive bronchitis, in which the bronchospasm and mucus stagnates, which requires long-term treatment in outpatient or stationary conditions.

Advice 2: How to bring the phlegm in children

The most common disease in children, which is accompanied by expectoration of sputum is bronchitis. When the mucous membrane of the bronchi is inflamed, edema is formed, which in process of decay provokes sputum. Cough, accompanied by expectoration of mucus, referred to as a productive, or wet. There are many drugs and methods of its treatment.
How to bring the phlegm in children
The process itself sputum discharge indicates that the child is on the mend. Since the first time the sputum is very thick, the child finds it hard to cough up. In order to make the sputum easier departed need to constantly humidify the air in the room where the sick child, and offer him lots of fluids. Humidify the air using a special device – a humidifier. If not, then the battery should hang a wet diaper or towel.
Liquefaction and expectoration of mucus contribute to a variety of herbal preparations, for example, decoctions St. John's wort, mother and stepmother, ivy, black radish juice with honey, infusions of marshmallow, licorice root. These drugs contain substances that contribute to the increase in the number of sputum, reducing its viscosity and also causes the bronchi to contract for rapid removal. Folk remedies for the treatment more suitable for elder kids, as they increase the amount of sputum, which is difficult to handle kids.
Young children to better discharge the mucus it is recommended to massage the chest. To do this, the baby is placed on his stomach on the lap of an adult with a slightly lowered head. Parent tips of the fingers should be rattling between the shoulder blades of the child a few minutes from the bottom up. After this massage, you must cause coughing the child, slightly pushing the tongue root. To be most effective to do this procedure 3-4 times a day.
Excellent job with phlegm in children, and traditional medicine. Many pediatricians recommend young patients the drug, "ACC", which quickly thins the mucus and takes it out of the bronchi, in addition it helps to reduce inflammation. Modern drugs of this spectrum are "Mucosolvan, Ambrobene", "Travis". They have a pronounced expectorant and also help to increase local immunity
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