You will need
  • - a verified account on the social network "My World";
  • Internet - connected computer;
  • - several hours of free time;
  • - skills of working with text and graphic editors;
  • - the initial budget for advertising a future project.
Create groups (communities of practice). The social network "My World" you can earn, having a community (or network of communities). To create a group can each registered user. In order to create a group, log in to "Groups", then click "Create new group". After you fill in all mandatory fields (these are marked with a " * " character), on your mobile phone will receive SMS-message with a confirmation code that must be entered in a special form on the website.
The choice of strategy earnings. After you create a group, you need to choose the most appropriate method of earning on the new community. If you have a business (for example, you sell handmade products or raise pedigreed kittens for the purpose of their sale), then use the group in social network "My World" you can find new customers and thus increase sales.

If you want to make social network from scratch, then you have several options: to promote thematic community for the purpose of selling advertising and you can create more narrowly focused groups, so that after filling and promotion to sell them.
The training group. Any of the available options involves high quality design community (good choice of name of the group creating a beautiful avatar and cover) and the filling content (add posts, discussions, polls, music and videos).

Draw a beautiful picture (e.g. using Adobe Photoshop), experiment with cover. Then parse the content to similar groups. Ideal — the text+thematic picture. You need to create 20-30 very useful entries in the news feed of the groups: it can be any advice, lessons, quotes, music selections, etc.
Search participants. At this stage you will need an initial budget for the organization of the advertising campaign. There are two options: take advantage of advertising tools Mail.Ru or contact the owners of large communities of similar subjects. If everything is done correctly, the latter method is much more profitable.

To advertise their group in a different community, you need to contact the administrator. Find out the owner of the group is very simple: open the page with the participants in any group, then click the tab "Administration". You need to contact the administrator — drop him a private message with a request to advertise in the community. Soon you will receive a response with the rates for accommodation, and also with the advertising requirements records.

Today, the most effective "broken record" (is any story or useful list, a few sentences or paragraphs to put an ellipsis and link to the full version of the record placed in your group). Thus, subscribers will go to your group and if it is well designed and filled with useful content, they will subscribe to the updates.
Regular updates and gathering followers. The previous point must be repeated until then, until the number of subscribers will grow to several thousand. After your group joins the many users of the social network "My World", you also begin to contact the advertisers with a request to advertise. If in your group you sell own products or services, the stakeholders group will later become your customers.