Guerrilla marketing is primarily advertising and marketing company with a very small budget. At the same time, the effectiveness of these measures has been proved, indeed, companies that used this marketing has successfully promoted its product on the market and were able to increase their profits at the most minimal cost.

Mention the guerrilla marketing can be found even in ancient Greek manuscripts. The title comes from the military and fully reflects the essence, that is when the most low cost, as the guerrilla units, the company promotes its product or service. Most such marketing is used in small companies that cannot afford high cost promotion.

In the beginning, guerrilla marketing was based solely on printing and free distribution of cards, brochures or postcards. With the time, tools began to expand, and this type of marketing began to be free articles in specialized publications. The company began to participate in specialized events, or public meetings. The company also started active use of partnership in business.

With the development of computer technologies, methods of guerrilla marketing has expanded greatly, now it's "viral" and "outrageous" marketing, and so on.

Most importantly, guerrilla marketing involves attracting new customers with minimal cost. Also, there is another feature of the company, adopting guerrilla marketing, refuses to use the traditional methods of promotion, i.e., does not advertise itself in the media, don't use street banners, banners and so on. The use of low-cost advertising media or non-traditional advertising, for example, on a box cake, can advertise the company flower delivery.

A distinctive feature of guerrilla marketing is that it gives the first results almost immediately or within a short period of time. And this is very important for small companies. The advantage that all actions of the company to promote their goods and services is almost not noticeable for competitors and therefore no one will copy. In addition, the competitor will not be able to "crush" their huge advertising budget.

And most importantly, to use guerrilla marketing, every company with millions of turnover, and the smallest. For large companies this is a great opportunity to get to those customers, which is no longer valid "standard" is.