When a person feels constant shame for their actions, thought or action, is the identity substitution. Shame plays a decisive role in the psychological perception of reality, thus the person becomes unsure of himself. Such a person often does not know what he wants really and even your emotions perceives inadequate.

Inability to Express his feelings and emotions, which "naturally" shame leads to social isolation of the person. Such a person is unable to establish relations with the outside world, and in your personal life and at work. The feeling of shame can become all-consuming at one point, a psychological problem originates from childhood.

Parents with feelings of shame tend to make a child obedient, without thinking of the consequences of such education. The little man becomes ashamed of bad grades and behavior, and even for their illness, because they upset parents. Over time, the sense of shame becomes the child of the necessary and quite familiar. Parents replace the child needed love and understanding, a permanent sense of shame. The child begins to perceive parental love only through the prism of shame. Because adults no longer be blamed for pranks, only after a shameful remorse.

Moving into adulthood, that feeling carries destructive energy at the person. A sense of shame prevents a person to be themselves, any manifestations of life are rejected and criticized, by confounding. The human psyche for the full functioning requires all the senses, and shame, including. A fleeting sense of shame protects and promotes the human psyche. That's why it's so hard to be on the border between disposable and permanent shame.

In order to live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding reality, one should know and to correctly perceive all the features of its psyche. Awareness of the major aspects of life for which you feel ashamed, and correct operation for their elimination will help to develop harmoniously and feel a full member of society.