The main reason for insecurity is malformed or missing skills inside a person that cause a huge range of feelings, from the usual lethargy and ending with fear. However, the latter is often a symptom of already formed incorrect responses to familiar events that the person carries on a similar situation. For example, the child after his behavioral psychologists have been taught to be afraid of rabbits, after a while I started to worry at the sight of all white and fluffy.

When we braked, it shows only one thing – we have no skills. And when not formed the necessary skills, uncertainty is a natural state. Generally, you need to understand one little thing. Any uncertainty is natural. You should not try to suppress it, because it leads to the complexes. What is it? Complex is when a person feels insecure, when he feels insecure. It seems strange, but the example now let us examine in more detail.

A person experiences difficulties when communicating with people. Perfect stranger and begins to worry, to fear. In his mind included the thought: "Blimey, how's that? I also laughed at". It turns out that the person is afraid of people, fear of people.

What to do to get rid of uncertainty? The answer to this question stems from the definition provided above. If a person is afraid of something, you should not hide it. Still some people will understand your true feelings. No matter how try to hide their emotions, and they find it. Therefore, we must learn to keep so calm in difficult situations, and not deliberately trying to show his looseness.

Among other things, this increases the risk of psychosomatic Oncology. Practice shows that when people feel insecure and spoke about it, he instantly becomes easier. Need to find someone who will help to get rid of complexes. You may have something to do, but the fix will need more time. Easier to retrain myself than to wean.