If you have a passion for environmental protection, creative mindset and ready to learn new ways of preserving nature and recycling of waste, this small business can be a great option.

The obvious advantages of the business:

  • All the work is beneficial to the environment.
  • You have a wide range of target audience and You can work with all categories of citizens, families or business.
  • To get help in a huge number of large and small businesses working in the field of landscaping.
  • You decide how much time you can spend working.
  • Consultant on ecology and landscaping can organize a great business with part-time working.


  • You will need to complete training and become certified.
  • You may need some financial investments in order to buy kits and tools.
  • Some of the commissions that you'll receive are small so sometimes have to do a lot of work to get significant income.
  • You should be aware of all environmental regulations and laws.
  • You should be able to think creatively, develop methods to solve everyday environmental problems of Your customers. To treat their problems with understanding and to have a high qualification.
  • Also you don't need to be afraid of difficulties of physical work and need to be in good physical shape. In most cases, You will need not only advice, but concrete action. So to get started, you should get tools and a small van to transport them.

It is most advantageous to continuously serve clients. Their territory is a lot of work and need to constantly apply force to maintain a good environment.