There is a very interesting business idea that was invented in new York two girls. It is the cultivation of flowers directly on wheels: the truck are small pots with a variety of colors, buyer chooses any flower and right when the seller makes a fresh bouquet. The flowers do not have to cut, you can sell them directly in pots. There are many people who would like to purchase to his apartment and cottage chic Bush of white or red roses.

In large cities especially pressing flowers. Therefore, a kind of floral greenhouse on wheels to be a profitable business in Metropolitan areas. Fresh bouquets of flowers that have just cut from the Bush, able to compete even with the big bouquets of flower boutiques. The cost of these bouquets will be less due to the fact that the price will not be built in a number of faded for the day bouquets that sellers are unable to sell. Buyers not have to pay, they will pay only for the actual cost of the bouquet of fresh flowers. The only negative is also a seasonal business because in the winter plants can't be in the cold, also it is quite long and hard work on the cultivation of flowers, to get them flowering.

Flowers can be grown at home, but it would be better to grow them in the greenhouse. This business idea will suit those who like to try new things and doesn't want to sit still. With a small car with flowers will not need to tie yourself to a certain point in the city, you can travel to any area and also region and even travel to other cities.