For anybody not a secret that verbal interaction is only the tip of the iceberg. For successful communication is not only important to own a competent and beautiful speech, but also to manage your body language. For example, if you with a straight face will tell a fun ride, it hardly will make on anybody impression.

They had long ago invented a way to fully capture the attention of the interlocutor. His name is "Report."

The essence of the report lies in the fact that you need to adapt to the interlocutor. At the first stage you need to choose the same rate of speech as that of your opponent and try to copy the rhythm of his breathing. This is very important! The second stage is more complicated. You are required to copy the movement of your companion. Just don't do it very persuasive, not perekusyvaete, namely copy. For example, if he raised his hand and rubbed his nose, then you can hand through his hair or RUB the eyebrow. Importantly, the movement was similar.

If you do it right, then the other person will unconsciously begin to repeat your moves too. This means that the report was successfully installed.

This technique is very good when you need someone in something to convince. With this approach, even not familiar with you people, will not consciously to show you a greater degree of confidence.

But the report can be used not only convincing the strangers.

Suppose you have a small child, which with difficulty falling asleep. All you need to do is lay down next to adjust his breath and start to read some kind of fairy tale, gradually slowing down the rhythm of your breath and to pronounce the words a little slower and a little quieter. You'll see, it works! Tested in practice.