Properly structured verbal and nonverbal cues can improve the quality of life and to establish your relationship with people – say the creators of NLP, Richard Bandler, John grinder and Frank Pucelik in his books: "the Magic of neuro-linguistic programming no secrets", "persuasive Technology" etc. the Russian authors Andrei Pligin and Alexander Gerasimov echo them, releasing the manual "NLP-practitioner" for beginners.

Have you ever wondered how the two sentences are identical in meaning but different in sound, can affect the understanding of the other person? For example, the phrase: "would you like some tea?" because the particle "no" is automatically perceived as your favor, helpfulness, expressed reluctantly. "Maybe some tea?" - better, but again, the interlocutor can hear the doubt in blurred "could be".

To understand you, speak more specifically, avoiding the use of unnecessary particles and prefixes: "do you Want some tea?", "Go for a walk?", "You free tonight?", etc. the same in relation to himself. Phrases like: "I can not", "Should I get promoted in the end or not?!" you are energetic message that you are subconsciously not ready for success.

Control your phrase wherever you are: at work or at home. Many women wonder why her husband lost interest in him? The answer is simple: the ratio of men depends on what program you ask. The constant repetition of the phrase offended: "You don't love me" or "I'm fat" eventually yielding negative results – the man begins to believe in said and cease to love.

Dreams come true only if you articulate them properly, for example instead of the phrase "Why am I not getting a promotion because I work like a bee?!" have to say, "I am the best economist in your company and I'll be promoted", "the Trip to Egypt will refresh my impressions, etc. thus, you can program future events in a positive way.

Reinforce verbal attitude non-verbal gestures: be open to the world and friendly to people. Do not focus on their own success: the more you pray for others, the more you (the principle of the boomerang of kindness").