Many psychologists argue that without a detailed analysis of complex situations to find a way out of it is impossible. So, first of all, you need to formulate the problem. However, you should not start the analysis with finding someone to blame for your unhappiness, because it will be useless waste of effort that you'll need to find the most pleasant solutions. So calmly sit down, take a pen and a sheet of paper and describe the situation, giving time to as many small parts.
After that try to consider all the possible options for further developments. So, for example, can write that will if you do or say anyway, or even if you're not gonna do anything. Next, shall describe in detail all the consequences of the potential decision consequences. It is worth noting not only the possible to achieve positive results. Describe also the most terrible consequences that you can think of.
In problem solving can help you and your loved ones, so if you want, contact them for advice. If you don't want to burden them with my troubles – I can use the Internet to ask for help with a way out of this situation on the forum or psychologist. Perhaps this will push you to the right decision. Also, do not forget that humanity was able to find a way to solve many problems, and it would be nice that you use the experience of those who managed to find a way out of similar situations. So try to learn as much information as possible on this topic.
Next, you need of all of the options out of the situation to choose the most successful. However, don't focus on the problem and not go into her head. Try to relax and give yourself time to organize your feelings and thoughts. For example, will be very helpful for a long stay in the fresh air, your favorite hobby, yoga or sport. Can also listen to your favorite music or enjoy movies. Great help to relax water treatments, so you can treat yourself to a bath with aromatic oils.