The floor-length skirt

The product of this cut is one of the most popular among fashionistas of any age. As for the materials for the skirts, mainly used chiffon podobnikar, which is made of a more breathable fabric and absorbs moisture. To use this option it is possible to visit work or a casual walk. Depends on color and print. If the skirt is plain, then it can be considered as an ideal option for work.

Skirt sophisticated design

This format has literally stormed to the top of the fashion pedestal. The complexity and uniqueness of this fashion lies in the fact that the front of the skirt is usually shorter than the back of the hem. This is the most common form of asymmetrical design, which is popular. Although there are other complex designs that allocate certain angles or obliquely in the middle.

Denim mini

One of the most popular options, which is popular among young people not only in the metropolis. This skirt is very comfortable to use for trips to the beach or to combine with a dressy top for a visit to evening events. This brand versatile option that thanks to additional accessories it transforms and manifests itself in all its glory.

Skirt sundress

Skirts transformers came into Vogue a few seasons ago and to this day is not going to give up their positions. This option is great for home and trip to the beach. This skirt has small straps, thanks to which the product can be used as a sundress. A versatile option, suitable for all body types. Goes well with the shoes, like ballet flats, flip flops or plain sneakers. Often skirt the transformer belongs to the casual style. That's why she is in such high demand with audiences of all ages.