To look stylish, you need to update your wardrobe to include a skirt with a floral print. She already keeps in the trend. Only stylists warn that to pick up a decent pair of multi-colored skirt would not be so easy. But worth a try!

Recommendations of stylists

It turns out, wearing a bright floral print. It is strictly forbidden to wear blouse and skirt with the same print. The view that this combination creates the semblance of a gown – not an argument. Then there is a new problem – how to pick up to it along decent jewelry, shoes or solid color jacket. Otherwise, the pattern will merge and will look like real pajamas.

White and black is the classic option in harmony, it would seem, with any print. However, experts advise to choose one-the top to a printed skirt like this that will perfectly repeat, at least a single color of variegated pattern skirt.

Several different bright floral prints in clothes is too much. Print needs to be a focus, which is on the basis of one tone. To him and should choose the other add-ons.

You should pay attention to the cut of the garment. If the skirt is bright and lush, it is impossible to wear to her magnificent blouse with sleeves in the shape of a flashlight and neckline, decorated with flounces. The top needs to be simpler and more modest.

Experiments for the brave

The combination of several prints in its image – option for lovers of extravagance. It is necessary to have a very fine taste to choose the related prints of different brightness. Sometimes it makes sense to try on a blouse and skirt with the same print but different sizes of the picture. For example, the blouse in the small flower, and the skirt is the same but larger. It should be noted that the large flowers visually enhance the figure. If hips are narrow and the chest is lush, then this option is just perfect. Otherwise it is better large flowers move up.

To the separation between the skirt and the blouse with the same print was clearly delineated, it is possible to Supplement the kit with a belt. Don't forget that wide belt visually reduces the figure, splitting it in two.

Harmoniously will look in a set of three related colors. Thus, in one spectrum are blue-green, green and green-yellow. That is, if the skirt is blue-green, green top yellow top would look good green jacket. The image can be more calm, pastel colours. But it is much easier to combine one colorful thing – a skirt with garments in neutral tones. The latter are white, beige, grey, black.

Skirt in small flower goes perfectly with a plain top, denim jacket or vest. Even if the colors do not correspond to tone denim. This is the case when democratic denim balances the bright image.