Advice 1: What to wear with a skirt in polka dot

Things polka dot peculiar fashion today, retro-style. Such products give the girl a charm, playfulness, make the look delicate and feminine. Especially popular are the cute skirts in polka dots, combine that with other clothes is problematic.
What to wear with a skirt in polka dot

Mini skirt in polka dot: the rules of the compatibility

Mini skirt in a trendy print today enjoy a great popularity among girls of the most different social strata and professions. Such a bold apparel purchase female students, Housewives, fashion bloggers, celebrities. The secret lies in the special charm that comes from a girl in a sexy short skirt with polka dots.
Print skirts can vary greatly. You can meet and large roundels and a very small, tightly covering the entire surface of the fabric. Be sure to measure the skirt before buying to understand, do not look fat if you selected pattern.

Choosing a mini skirt, polka-dot, high attention to shoes. Stylists recommend two options: regardless of the color of the top shoes/boots/sandals have to repeat the color of the circles or the main tone. Then the image will turn out the most coherent and harmonious.

Black skirt with white polka dots size medium wear with pullovers in neutral colors. For example, suitable beige, brown, dark blue. If you decide to wear a white/black top, ensemble will be more formal and "weekends". Under skirt of dense materials prefer matte opaque black tights.

White skirt in a large pea feel free to combine with shirts and tops in bright colors. Perfect turquoise, pink, orange. In this case, the shoes can be a neutral nude shade.

Short white skirt in small black polka dots perfect light sweater or cardigan to tone based the bottom. To make the set more vivid and impressive will help you accessories: color belt, large bracelets, necklaces or a brooch-flower.

Original and unusual looks red mini skirt in black polka dots. Such a bright little thing should complement a neutral top. For example, light gray or pale beige top/t-shirt.

Max peas

Maxi and MIDI skirts in polka dots are pretty, feminine knick-knacks in retro style. Such clothing you will attract a lot of attention and will help to create an unusual image. In this case, the stylists offer the girls stop at a simple shoes without heels: Brogan, loafers, ballet flats, sandals.
Long skirt in polka dot should be the main element of the entire ensemble. Other things better to choose a neutral, simple cut, without unnecessary elements. If you want to create a festive look, play with fabrics.

Flowing black skirt with white polka dots are boldly wear with simple t-shirts and tops. Over the last wear wide cropped pullover that perfectly accentuate the fragility of your figure. Also a great company the skirt to the floor will be the bodysuit and the tunic of lace. The lightness of the material will complement some of the "heaviness" of the bottom.

Popular color combination of "blue background + white dots". An elegant addition to a skirt would be a simple blouse in the tone of the print. On top of it can wear beige cropped blazer or leather jacket.

Advice 2 : Greetings from the past: polka dot skirt

Today skirt in polka dot is a kind greetings from the past. During his youth, grandmothers and great-grandmothers they were incredibly popular. But in our days they have not lost their relevance, becoming almost classic. Skirts in the peas look impressive and stylish, making flirtatious. Only this element of the wardrobe should combine it with other clothes.
Greetings from the past: polka dot skirt

The style and length of skirt in peas

First, determine the cut of the skirt, the length is very important. Note that in summer 2014 season is the popular Maxi dress, which is already a couple years does not leave the podium. Although the polka-dot skirt, too, will look no less impressive. Long skirt in polka dot looks more impressive, and the mini adds coquetry, playfulness. In General, the length should only rely on their own preferences.

But the style of this skirt suits with great attention. For example, a skirt with polka dots adorn skinny girls, and chubby is better to choose the more classic options.

The top to the skirt in polka dot

Note that the height in this case should be neutral or at least nearly solid. If you wear a t-shirt with a bright pattern or print, it will look like a bright spot. Because the polka dot pattern itself is already spectacular, he needs a "tune up" at full capacity, and not try to stifle.

Here's an example: if you took the blue skirt in peas, then stop your choice on a plain white shirt or tank top it will make your sea, charming simple.

Shoes to the polka-dot skirt

Of course, the Shoe is better to take monochrome. Bright colors to anything here. The mini-skirt peas are good shoes heel. A long polka-dot skirt, you can choose sandals or sandals with flat soles.

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