To endure brute force for the sake of the children

It is believed that children always need a father. Whether the children of such a parent when they are very young with a horrified look, as the father beats the mother, and hide themselves in dark corners, because they, too, can greatly get. Growing up, children reproach his mother for it, I said I wish we had a tranquil childhood, but without him.

The material dependence on the father

What to do the woman no where to go, parents long gone, to live with friends and embarrass them and their families is also not a very good yield. So women remain in the family, but there is your angle.

The most absurd case where a woman continues to love her husband

There was always the saying "hate it". They hope that there will come a time when he suddenly, by the will of the magic case will change and be loving and kind. But this case does not occur. The woman continues to suffer and it is in her habit.

A certain group of women victims of violence, believes that everything is in order, because so were their fathers.

They grew up in a family like that and saw the beatings on the example of my parents, or perhaps children in the family hurt each other. It has shaped in the mind of the child a pattern of behavior in the family.

Whatever the reason to tolerate violence, while women allow this behavior in their lives nothing will change.