Advice 1: How to protect yourself, if the house is sick

I think each of us faced with this situation, when one of the household caught the virus. What to do the rest of the family to protect themselves from the disease? Today it is a very topical issue.
 How to protect yourself, if the house is sick

Experts advise:

1. Isolate the patient from other family members. The best option is to allocate a separate room.

2. Regularly ventilate all the rooms in the house. Do not cover the Windows with thick curtains, because the sun's rays penetrating into the room, kill germs. Very well, if the patient is alone at least 1 time a day to get some fresh air.

3. To maintain the parameters of humidity and temperature in the house (optimum temperature 18 - 22°C; humidity is around 70%).

4. To perform daily wet cleaning of all rooms. Special attention should be given to the room where the patient is.

5. The patient should use the allotted utensils.

6. All members of the family, if possible, to wear masks. If the patient has to care for the child wearing the mask necessarily!

7. Healthy need several times a day nose rinse with saline.

8. Discard the rag scarves. Ideal – wet disinfectant wipes.

9. If a family has an infant, and my mother is ill: care and child care need to take another (healthy) family members. Mom needs to approach the child only in a sling and with carefully washed hands. The child needs more time to walk in the fresh air. It is necessary several times a day the child to wash the nose with saline, and the nursery regularly ventilated.

10. Plant room lemon. Citrus leaves release into the air of volatile, able to kill many germs in the air. After a time it will become noticeable that hurt infectious and respiratory diseases, households were much less frequent.

It should be noted that all of the above actions does not give a 100% guarantee to prevent infectious diseases but to still protect yourself it is possible.

You need to know that adults fall ill with colds and viral diseases much less frequently than children.

This is for the following reasons:

- Self-control. Adults are more responsible about their health (perform almost all the actions aimed at the prevention of infectious diseases).

- Adults have a strong immunity to many viruses (they had these viruses before).

Advice 2: How to protect children from the flu

When a child is sick, hundreds of times slip the idea that it is better to recover than to see how tormented the kid. Sometimes, we blame ourselves that did not protect a baby from illness. In childhood, children often have colds, which are so easy to catch anywhere. What action to take and how to protect children from colds – a question that worries most parents.
How to protect children from the flu
Strengthen your immune system for the baby. It is best to resort to traditional methods. Using medicines to strengthen, often produces the opposite effect, and only weakens the immune system even more. Brew tea from herbs, rose hips. Follow the food baby. Should be excluded from a diet of chips, various sweets, and rich E-supplements, soft drinks and other similar food, which seems to him so delicious. Try to feed your child healthy and natural products that do not harm the growing organism, but rather give all the substances necessary for growth and development.
Pay special attention to the hardening of the body of the baby. Review the literature on training, talk to the teachers. They teach you how to start preparing for the procedures, because otherwise, the child can get sick because of the unpreparedness of the body. Hardening - a system of procedures that enhance the body's resistance against adverse environmental influences. Therefore, children who have been tempered since the first days of life, much less suffer from colds.
Encourage your child to physical activity. To kindergarten practice combines physical education, kindergarten record for extra lessons, subsequently, write down the kid in some sports that promote physical development.
In the period of epidemy, and anoint the child's nose antiviral ointment, use in food garlic and onion. Avoid contact with sick people, if contact is unavoidable, wear a mask on the kid. To prevent colds during these periods, you can give vitamins and take antiviral drugs.
Useful advice
To protect children from cold, you need to understand that the child must be a strong immune system, so, first of all, attention should be given to its strengthening.
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