Advice 1: How to buy the best treadmill

A treadmill is a great way to exercise in the comfort of your own home. These simulators used to be available only for professional gyms and schools, but now they are available for the market of home consumer electronics.
How to buy the best treadmill

Buying the best treadmill is a simple task if you know the necessary nuances. There are many companies that produce electronics, due to which these simulators are so popular and that is the only determining factor but not main factor. Here are the factors to be observed when buying the best treadmill for home.

The horsepower rating of the motor of the treadmill

Manufacturers rate their treadmills based on horsepower rating of the engine in two ways. The first is a continuous rating, and the second peak rating. Recommend ignore treadmills, which focus on the second rating. The engine of the treadmill does all the work, so need a good rating for continuous operation. The peak rating is essentially useless because all it tells about what type of horsepower the trainer can produce at its peak.

Guide and folding options

Due to the lack of space it is necessary to consider options for folding treadmills for easy storage. Make sure that they are well built, stable, easy to move and fold, and should have a large weight capacity. If they don't have any of these aspects, in the end, it will be a waste of money, so these options are treadmills should be avoided.

The stability and quality of walk

To get the best home treadmill you should buy one that is stable when in use. It should provide a high quality walk when you are working at high speeds and with a steep slope. The railing for the hands should be well located. The best position of handrails is when they are easy to reach for support. Too close a location will prevent the movement of the hand. Small improvements, such as the holder of the books or bottles make a workout more enjoyable. If you are going to watch TV or listen to the radio during class, you need to make sure that the production of noise at the low frequency.

Should adhere to all these principles, and to consider additional functions. And most importantly do not forget to check the main parts of the treadmill.

Advice 2: How to turn on a treadmill

Training on a treadmill allow you to maintain the body in tone, strengthen muscle and control weight. Therefore, among home trainers trail is quite popular. Despite the fact that models of different manufacturers have differences, the principle of connection control of them is one and quite simple.
How to turn on a treadmill
You will need
  • track;
  • the source of electricity.
Before you include a Jogging track, carefully read the supplied instructions. It should be available painted entire process, including possible options for loads.
If the track is electric, first enable it in the network. In models where provided in connection with the optional toggle switch and turn it. Evidence that the track is included in the network, is the lit-up display.
To begin the exercise, stand with your feet on the stationary side of the track tape. During power-up to be on a moving canvas is prohibited in order to avoid injuries.
Insert the security key into the hole on the keyboard, then attach the second part of the key to clothing in the area of the belt. It allows you to instantly turn off the path at break contact of the key with the keyboard in the case if a person has lost contact with the control keys.
Click on the start button and follow the instructions on the display. In most models proposed to specify the weights, which is done with the numeric keys or the same keys with values of "plus" and "minus". When the screen displays required values, press the select button.
The speed is selected with the zoom, it can be marked with sign "plus" or look like a triangle with the base at the top. Reduction is indicated by the button with the minus or triangle with an inverted base.
After the painting was in motion, stand on it and start the workout by adjusting the intensity of the movement depending on the level of physical fitness. In addition to increasing speed, on a track may provide a function of adjusting the height, simulating the descent or the ascent.
Useful advice
Treadmill stops abruptly or gradually, through a gradual reduction of speed.

Advice 3: How to repair a treadmill

In the event of a malfunction of the treadmill the first step is to contact the service center or the dealer from whom you purchased the machine. However, before you claim failure, it is necessary to understand in what the reason of failure of the treadmill, it can help in its repair.
How to repair a treadmill
Often the device does not require repair as in most cases out of order individual components. To replace a defective part, check the model number and serial number of the treadmill, as well as the error number which will help determine the cause of the fault.
Typically, the error number is displayed on the display of the treadmill. Most simulators have the same alphanumeric combination codes, but if the following error notifications do not correspond to those that appear on the display of your device, refer to the manual treadmill. Notification E1 indicates an error of the speed sensor. In this case, turn off the electric cord from the wall outlet and from the track, wait 1 minute and turn the power on. If done after the surgery, the track has not returned to operational status, contact service center or dealer for service, telling him the error code. Notice the E6 and E7 say error of lifting motor. The procedure is the same as error E1.
Before contacting a service center, be sure that the path is faulty because of the automatic inclusion of a protective mechanism that is present in all devices of this type. Treadmill can stay if the permissible load exceeded the norm. To continue the device disconnect the power cord from the track, then press the safety switch (usually a safety switch) and connect the power cord to the track. Pay attention to the fact that the treadmill automatically stops working if plugged in for more than six consecutive hours (for some models, the length of time varies from 3 to 5 hours). To re-run the treadmill, unplug the power cord and after few minutes again connect your device to the network.
If the above steps yielded no results, and the treadmill still does not work, you should contact the professionals, as self-repair may be detrimental to further operation of the device. Call your service center and report the model, serial number and error code displayed on the display.
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