You will need
  • track;
  • the source of electricity.
Before you include a Jogging track, carefully read the supplied instructions. It should be available painted entire process, including possible options for loads.
If the track is electric, first enable it in the network. In models where provided in connection with the optional toggle switch and turn it. Evidence that the track is included in the network, is the lit-up display.
To begin the exercise, stand with your feet on the stationary side of the track tape. During power-up to be on a moving canvas is prohibited in order to avoid injuries.
Insert the security key into the hole on the keyboard, then attach the second part of the key to clothing in the area of the belt. It allows you to instantly turn off the path at break contact of the key with the keyboard in the case if a person has lost contact with the control keys.
Click on the start button and follow the instructions on the display. In most models proposed to specify the weights, which is done with the numeric keys or the same keys with values of "plus" and "minus". When the screen displays required values, press the select button.
The speed is selected with the zoom, it can be marked with sign "plus" or look like a triangle with the base at the top. Reduction is indicated by the button with the minus or triangle with an inverted base.
After the painting was in motion, stand on it and start the workout by adjusting the intensity of the movement depending on the level of physical fitness. In addition to increasing speed, on a track may provide a function of adjusting the height, simulating the descent or the ascent.