You will need
  • 1) Silicone grease;
  • 2) Adjusting key (supplied with the track).
Before any operation be sure to turn off cross-country track and disconnect the plug from the socket. Failure to follow safety precautions may result in electric shock or damage to the fingers.
If the design allows, loosen the tension on the treadmill. Some models have no such function, but don't worry: the opportunity to lubricate it in any way provided by the developers, as this is one of the main points of care for the simulator.
Carefully lift the canvas off the edge and slip under it to spray if lubricant in the form of a spray or spout of the bottle. Don't be afraid to stretch or break the surface – it is very durable and designed for years of intense stress. Pour in the user specified amount of grease (the manual must be attached to the packaging, otherwise the product is obviously defective). Then repeat with the other end. Only need to apply six or eight shots of grease (depending on the size of the structure) in different parts of the track. Do not be tempted to pour a lot, but only in two places. So, of course, easier, but in this case, silicone oil is poorly distributed.
Now you need to gently restore the tension on the treadmill (if you loosened it) and make sure it is exactly in the center. If it moved down, then center the adjustment key: right rear and left of the canvas there are special holes in them setting key is inserted and rotated in the desired direction. It's easy to do, as the process is intuitive: we moved out to the left – tighten the right, and Vice versa.
Right to use the track, as that's not all. You need to immediately turn track, and a minimum of five minutes to run it on low speed (1-2 km/h), so that the grease evenly distributed. Then it is advisable to turn it off and not use at least a few hours, until completely absorbed.
At the first practice after lubrication listen carefully to the sound of the engine and the rustle of the leaf, to understand how effectively did the procedure. If you are unhappy with the result – make sure you have bought quality lubricant and repeat the process.