It's hard to admit even to yourself what happened, it is difficult to understand, not to tell her grief to strangers. This problem is quite personal and requires sensitive intervention of professionals, who will approach this issue from a professional point of view and will provide expert assistance.

Usually after the incident the girl withdraws into himself and doesn't want to discuss it. Even such cases are known, when the victim begins to talk about the incident in many months, and possibly years. It is definitely sad. This behavior is reasonable, but you need to deal with it. The first thing you need is to realize that what happened could happen not only with her but with any other young and attractive girl, and try to find the strength to heal and build a new life.

To rehabilitation was completed successfully, you must understand that life has not ended and should not end. Many girls who have experienced violence, have no desire to live. This reaction is absolutely normal, but only if it is present in the early stages of depression. If this condition was delayed, it is necessary to seek the assistance of not only a qualified psychologist and experienced doctor, who have not had experience in such matters.

What to do in this situation:

First, you need to see a gynecologist and be tested. This will eliminate the risk of catching any infectious diseases and you will also have the evidence base about what happened.

Secondly, you need to tell us (no matter how it was hard) to the police and write a statement. Before going to the police need to prepare yourself psychologically as you will be to ask questions about what happened. You will begin to ask about a criminal's appearance, how he looked, what he was wearing.

Thirdly, you need to definitely find a good psychologist who will not only help, but support.