There are violin viola and soprano – instruments playing in the low and high registers, respectively. Also violin can be made of wood, the so – called acoustic violin, but can be made of metal or, in extreme cases, plastic – elektroskripke.

Violin, and piano equally well manifest themselves both in ensemble and in solo game, so there is no giving account number of works for violin, and they continue to be created.

The ancestor of the violin according to some sources, Spanish is considered to be Fidel. In other resources says that her ancestors were Arab rebab and the Kazakh kobyz. First, these tools formed the so-called "viola", whence comes the Latin name of the violin – "violin". Wide spread (as musical instrument) violin received in Romania, Ukraine and Belarus.

The best violins in the world violins are great, talented Italian masters Stradivari, but rather the so-called "Golden period" of his work of late 17th – early 18th centuries. Whose violin sounded so magical and unusual that his contemporaries said that he sold his soul to the devil. It is known that Stradivari created violins of about 1000, but up to our times has reached only about 600 of the violins of the great masters, each with a value starting from one, ending with three million euros.

A few interesting facts. Albert Einstein once gave a speech in the pub, playing the violin. One journalist watching this and after radoznali the name of the artist, wrote this note in the newspaper. Einstein left her and told everyone that he was a violinist, but not a great scientist. Also there is a legend that during the painting Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci was ordered to play the violin. It is believed that her smile is a reflection of the music.