First appeared in the early XVIII century in Italy. Piano replaced prior to it not less popular harpsichord. At the piano there are many distinctive features, like the ability to change the sound volume and play more smoothly, something that wasn't in older versions of the tool.

Varieties of the instrument itself is not so much a piano and a piano. The difference between them lies only in the size and position of strings, what size and subject: at the piano – horizontal, and piano – vertical. In General, the design of the piano, in addition to the keys, includes strings and mallets, so it partially can be put in the category of stringed and percussion. Also the instrument has pedals, clicking on which you can make the sound longer or more weak-sounding.

The piano is also fairly bulky design. The total tension of all the strings in the instrument up to eight tons. Also the tool is quite expensive. The most expensive kind is the Crystal piano – its price is 3.22 million. It is no secret that it is hard to play. The heaviest thousand ever written for the piano works is the third Concerto of Rachmaninoff with the orchestra.

To achieve the desired sound, i.e. to tune the piano, you need to periodically file the hammers pounding on the strings – this action changes the stiffness and the force of tension in some areas. Piano can be used as a solo instrument, and playing with the orchestra. Learning to play an instrument takes 5 to 7 years, and it's pretty difficult, but enjoyable process, which may participate everyone.