Now any man, regardless of its location, surrounded by many objects of art, as to exhibit and represent any object on display is not of great work, there are plenty of places to hold the event.

In our time, the art has a lot of different directions than, for instance, in the Middle ages. This is due to the fact that more develops, a lot of institutions, where he acquires new knowledge, skills and inspired to create something "beautiful". The most famous trend today is "modern art", it is increasingly popular as people learn about something absolutely unusual for them, due to the strong interest to see that this new direction is extremely popular.

"Beautiful" given to us so that we improve and gain experience, was well developed and could see the true beauty created by talented people, sometimes from a completely different region classes not related to art can seriously be interested in "beautiful" and to make their life interesting and varied without the same work.

Often, these global changes are the people in favor. We should be interested in different types of activities, it does not give us "to go out" and lose the meaning of life. One of the assistants of man in this is art.