Dress on a first date - a win-win, because it is feminine and very impressive. Most importantly, do not overdo it with effects and choose it more modest. There are evening dresses, cocktail and casual. Dress for every day, tend to be modest, not bright colors, and very comfortable to wear. Evening dresses are more suitable for romantic dinners or celebrations, cocktail parties, festivals and clubs. For a first date it is better to choose a simple dress pleasant tones.

If the girl slender legs, you can choose the length shorter, to keep the style of "modesty". Chest and arms must be covered. Big lush Breasts really should cover up, otherwise the interlocutor, the entire evening will not tear away from her eye, instead of to carry on a conversation with a woman. A shallow neckline and open hands, of course, valid, but then the length of the dress should be below the knee. We can say that it is a persistent rule is that you cannot open the chest, arms and legs at the same time. It will look may be sexy but vulgar and indecent.

The color of the dress is just as important. The woman is modest and loving to attract a lot of attention, it is better to choose a dark, severe tone. For a gentle and open nature, as a rule, perfect warm, bright or pastel colors. In order to emphasize your figure, wear formfitting dress, because in it the woman would look sexy. If there are flaws, such as small tummy, then in this case choose dress free cut, which is ideal to hide these flaws.

To dress for a romantic date is better to choose flat shoes or high boots. It will depend on weather conditions. If the range of shoes small, classic black pumps are ideal for almost any dress. Black pumps will look strictly and attractive.