Brand stores are full of different models to suit every taste. Rules for buying this wonderful element of the image is defined as a type of shape girl, and individual preferences.

For example, to create business image, you will need a cardigan with a belt, but no buckles. They really look good with skirts and dresses little length. The most popular colors are white, gray and milky shades. It is a versatile item of clothing, suited to almost any occasion and any style. Fleece jackets also look great over a shirt with a collar.

To create a casual style, you should pay attention to the bright cardigans, including buttons. So, slender ladies, you can experiment with short models, while for the full will be appropriate with a vertical continuous line. It will help to visually narrow the silhouette.

In this season of the popular set - piece, for example, a cardigan with a top, both the same colors. This set is perfect for everyday style. Geometric print is another trend of the season. In the summer and spring time of year are recommended shades of vibrant colors, such as blue, green or pink.

In winter and autumn times the winning combinations of colors are white, black, apricot and other soft shades. Also for ladies, with special attention to detail, the stores offer a large selection of patch pockets, belts, collars. By the way, in cardigan it is important that its color matches the color of the belt. Also as an option add-on will fit a brooch or a pin.

In the world of fashion there are several very interesting ways to fasten the cardigan. The method of fastening three or four middle buttons will divide the figure as if in two triangles, that will allow very well to emphasize the waist. Not buttoned the buttons on the bottom will add volume to the hips. And if you unbutton two or three from the top, you can visually enlarge Breasts.

The new 2016 season, the greatest excitement was caused by the hit long cardigan in combination with shorts. Also well matched cardigan with ripped jeans and t-shirt. On cool days you can buy a chunky knit cardigan which will look great with ankle boots with moderate heels and skinny leather pants.