Carnival takes place forty days before Easter, it becomes a symbol of the onset of the post, which is forbidden to eat animal products. It turns out that the carnival is a farewell to this ideal.

There are two options for the appearance of the word carnival. First, it is believed that it has its roots from Christianity, it bears its roots from the Latin words "carne levare" meaning "remove the meat" and this is logic, because in the post you can't eat meat.

The second version says that "carnival" comes from Latin "carrus navalis," means "sea ship". It is a ship that has wheels, so the Romans called him, the ship on wheels. This is the ship that sits in the procession the priest of the Supreme deity of Bacchus.

Another interesting fact is that Brazilian Carnival is a holiday imported from Portugal. Brazilian carnival has a similarity with the Portuguese carnival. Taken street festivals, fun, competition, etc. the Main thing that took the carnival the carnival is the celebration for some time before lent which is a period of release and redemption. Then it is supplemented by a terms, French and Italian carnivals, so there were lush and colorful costumes, masks, dances.

In 1916, for the celebration was specially invented enchanting dance Samba and even had schools for it. The main action of the carnival takes place in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, where on the strip with a length of approximately seven meters occur spectacular competitions between the elected of the various Samba schools. This alley is called "Sambódromo". It was built in 1984 and is a road that is fenced on both sides of the bleachers watching the festivities.

Brazilian Carnival – the most important event of the country. Carefully prepared. School year to choose specific topics for speeches: the costumes, the choreography and composition in General. Usually on this night, competing for about three to four schools in one part about five thousand dancers. The carnival takes place over four nights from nine in the evening until sunrise.

The carnival is one of the most impressive in its scale event, filled with bright colors, enthusiasm. Once in the cycle dancing Sambo of people dressed in colorful feathers, even a simple passerby would not be able to resist in order to join the universal celebration of life.