You will need
  • - feathers;
  • - headdress;
  • - swimsuit;
  • - fringe;
  • - shiny jewelry.
Creating a Brazilian costume, remember that Latin dances involve quite active movement and your outfit should withstand this test. The hardest part is the big headdress, which consists of huge colourful feathers.
Think like a passionate dancer. Whether you are comfortable to move only in a bra and microscopic Thong or is put on enticing mini skirt. Some Brazilians prefer to wear nothing but a headdress. In this case you will only need to color your body, sprinkle glitter and stick on rhinestones.
Train to do bright makeup carnival. It needs to be combined with your way. Usually around the eyes are drawn of butterfly wings, fantastic flowers or intricate pattern. And here don't forget about rhinestones, paillettes and sequins.
Pick a comfortable, well-fitting for you wearing a two-piece bikini. Buy lot of bright beads, beads, beads. Prepare the hot glue, decorative heavy fringe. Find peacock feathers, pheasant, ostrich or other large and beautiful. Perhaps we should ask for help to workers of a zoo or circus.
Look carefully at the pictures of carnival in Brazil. Select a few outfits that you like. Consider whether you need to do something similar, or should I choose an outfit easier. If you have no time for careful work, the decorations will stick. It is better to sew them, in this case, they hold much stronger.
At the bottom of the bodice and on the waistband of the panties tab heavy fringe of shiny stripes with the beads. Decorations in the Brazilian suit is never too much! Attach rhinestones and sequins, creating the beautiful and colorful ornament.
Grab tightly and firmly seated on your head a hat. This can be a baseball cap without a visor, bathing cap. Modify it by cutting off unnecessary details. Tab on cap first large feathers, and then those a little smaller and puffier. If the fabric of the beanie is visible, panel it with rhinestones and sequins.