To jump from "sweet needles" sweet tooth is very difficult. The hand she reaches for cookies, cakes, ruletikom or, in a pinch, a jar of jam. Get rid of sugary addiction in one day is impossible. High probability to break are obvious. The legs themselves will bring in a pastry shop and knocks the smell of chocolates and waffles will make their "black and sweet". Better to make a plan of action for a month and even two ahead, gradually reducing the volume of sweets on his Desk. The desired result is likely to be achieved.

Often those who like to eat sweet don't notice how much sugar they consume per day, because it contains not only chocolates and croissants. And hiding in the sweet tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, fruits and even spices. It is very important to notice what foods most often uses slackman. If he is used to drinking sweet tea, you need to deal specifically with it, gradually reducing the amount thrown into the Cup of the sugars. A good solution would be a sweetener that is much better. But if willpower is sufficient and proper motivation to exclude sugar from life, then start drinking unsweetened tea. To get used to this difficult, but after a while sweet tea will taste nasty and will not want to drink.

The priority always needs to be natural products. Semi-finished products contain a lot of sugar, even if they taste absolutely savory. Better to eat homemade food and cook at home. Adamant to move away from food packages and replace them cooked.

If a person has developed a habit of getting dessert after the main meal, you can wean him by replacing the usual Goodies for nuts, dried fruits, seeds.

The best remedy for a sweet tooth, this is a dream. If a man sleeps little, and all the time, enough sleep, the body begins to rebel and ask for more food in order to generate energy. Constant two-hour loss of sleep will result in sharemania. If one intends to get rid of sweet dependencies, it should sleep seven to eight hours a day.

Wonderfully distracting and uplifting sport, massage, dance classes.

The main thing is to exercise willpower and persistence, and the result will be sweet like sugar, can refuse absolutely painless.