With this approach, it can be equated to the established habit, which causes subconscious fear of its disappearance. It follows that the very definition of change is a sign of fear and discomfort for people with a distorted notion of comfort. He is the root cause of the fear and the main obstacle to the desire of people to bring into your life changes and change your lifestyle to ultimately be out of their comfort zone.

People swissies with her, feel the subconscious fear of change, including leading to increased capacity. This leads to the fact that they with great force waive any and all opportunities, perceiving the surrounding reality for granted.

Their life is a huge pile of missed opportunities and fading potential, and the understanding and the realization that their ability to achieve more faded along with the ability to cross the line. The result is lasting existence, which is not the desired outcome for the people.

To thrive, you need to move. For example, you should start with changing your usual daily routine. While it is not necessary to alter all. Simply to start, for example, to do exercises in the morning. It was hard to begin, but that is what you need.

The next point is the realization of their capabilities. Based on the results of the analysis of this topic, you need to choose the direction of development.

It is worth remembering one thing: the world does not depend on the person's comfort zone. It is only the fruit of mental activity of the individual. And to see the world in new colours, just to go beyond its borders.